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Record their working time immediately on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. You have the possibility to create projects with concrete project data including logo directly in the application. Afterwards, you can report back your hours per project and cost element. A cool feature - automated time recording - makes the application all the more attractive. With GPS tracking or in connection with the local WLAN, automated time recording becomes possible. Your working time is thus automatically recorded when you arrive and depart or when you leave the company. You only need to define the location of your workplace including the radius. Everything else is done by the application itself! Absences such as vacations or other compensations are also recorded in TimeControl. In addition, you can adjust and delete your entries at any time.

Your added value:

Automated time recording and time booking
With the help of GPS or WLAN, the working times are automatically recorded and booked to the respective project\cost element.

Reduced IT complexity
A simple user interface significantly simplifies the recording of working time on the corresponding projects. Thus, time and costs can be saved.

Track commute
The application offers a simple way to record the way to and from work.

The product is available in five languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish).

Centralized Time Management - PRIMADOCA Collaboration Platform
Via synchronization with the PSE Cloud and PRIMADOCA, the recorded times and projects can be quickly and easily integrated into the in-house ERP system. Viewing the recorded times and projects will also be possible through the app.

Centralized time management - Other ERP systems
The captured data can be exported directly from the app into various file formats. Thus, the data can be integrated into all systems. XML, PDF exports or via REST API of the PSE Cloud (www.pse-cloud.ch) are available.

Interoperability - Android, Apple, Windows UWP
All IT resources connected to the PSE Cloud, such as TimeControl, are synchronized across disciplines. The application is available in the form of Android, iOS and as a Windows 10 version. Regardless of the different operating systems, each user has access to the same data and can edit it if authorized. The TimeControl app can therefore be used across time, location and device.

From practitioners for practitioners
PSE Solutions is a central user of this software product and knows the industry. We use this product ourselves on a daily basis. For this reason, not only the practical solution approach of the product is ensured, but also the interest and motivation in the further development to the market leader. In addition, we have the software developers all in-house.


Keep track of your working hours and absences.


Record your working time per project and cost element.


Get help in the settings and carry out regular data backups.


Save time by predefining your texts.


Maintain control of your work progress.


Define your standard data such as working hours, breaks, vacation days, projects and the associated cost elements.


Integrate your recorded working time directly into your business platform!

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